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When Dreams Don’t Come True

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Hello Everyone,

Welcome to The Invisible Vision Project’s Blog.

Dreams don’t always come true. That’s the reality of life, also a part of life. Even though, dreams don’t always come true, it’s still important to have them. When we have dreams, we also have ambitions and forces to keep us moving forward. In today’s blog, I’m sharing with you 3 of my dreams, that are also my careers goals I’ve set for myself, that either won’t ever or aren’t coming into reality, at least in this phase of my life.

My first dream is the dream of becoming a school teacher. Since I was probably in 3rd grade, I dreamt of becoming a school teacher, just like my teachers. I had a still have huge admirations toward educators such as school teachers or academic professors. Most of them, at least the majority of my teachers I’ve had were great educators. Most have been very caring towards their students, and they also taught well. Because of this kind of admiration I have for teachers, this influenced and motivated me to become a teacher, after all, they are my role models. However, later on in life, I realized certain factors that might make teaching a challenging job for me, especially a part of that challenge is because of my disability (and now, also my chronic illness). Here, I’m not suggesting that people with disabilities cannot be great teachers, there are many ways to make a classroom more adaptive and accessible, if needed be. And besides, I think having a teacher with disability can enhance students’ learning. But, being a good teacher not only needs to teach well, it’s also a quite demanding and sometimes intensive job, and from that perspective, it just won’t work for me.

Then, when I discovered that I couldn’t be a teacher, even though it’s been a dream since I was young, I was actually not too upset about that. In part because, I already had different career goals in mind. Some of you may know this, if you read my blog regularly or know me in person, you probably know that I have completed two undergraduate degree in university. I did that because my first degree was not sufficient enough for me to get into grad school. At the time I started my second degree, I wanted to apply to grad school right after finishing my program. However, this dream is now put on hold, a significant part (if not all) of it, is because of my current health situation. As I’ve used just about every ounce of my energy to complete and graduate from university, 2 months ago. So, it really wouldn’t be wise to start school right away.

During the past 3 years I was completing my second undergrad in university, I also started working in a new field, as a (disability and social justice) activist and a blogger. I enjoy what I do very much. It’s been more than a hobby, beyond a passion, and it almost felt like a “calling.” I was almost certain and had plans to start my own business after graduation. I truly and really want to be a professional motivational speaker. I think speaking is more suitable for me than writing, however I do enjoy blogging nonetheless. Immediately after I graduated and once I know I wasn’t going to go back to school anytime soon, I started exploring ways to start a small business. I looked into resources to start a small business, also sources of funding as well-since finance is one of the biggest barriers and challenges for me, as a recent university grad. I had also looked into business registration, and even a potential new look or design for my blog site. Because of the past few years, I’ve been actively volunteering at different local and national charities, I know that a lot of their funding come from various donors, and I thought, there has to be financial resources out there that support new small business owners. then, I quickly realized how naïve I was. Certainly, there are resources, funding and such, but as for finance part, they usually come with a loan, and not grant. At that point, I felt very defeated, and helpless, for quite a long while. I felt that this entire world was against me, that nobody can grant this helpless and defeated young woman with disability to make her dream of becoming a small business owner come true. But then, I re-gathered myself and my thoughts and said to myself, “It doesn’t matter if I can’t work professionally in the field I’m so passionate and dedicated in; it doesn’t matter if I’m not starting a business and earning an income right after graduation. If activism and blogging is something I love and enjoy doing, I should just continue as it is, just as I have been.”

Hence, the moral of this blog, or at least the message I want to convey through writing this blog is that: Dreams don’t always come true, and that’s OK. Dreams are also likely to change overtime as we grow. And sometimes, this change can be something that’s totally out of our control (with life changes such as ill health/disability, or family responsibility, etc). Also, some dreams don’t come true, and they may never come true. But others, they don’t come true at a certain phase in our lives, but they might later on. For instance, at this current phase of my life, I could either study in grad school or start my own business, but maybe in a few years, this could change. What’s important is to always do your best, and do what you love. Also, don’t give up.

By: The Invisible Vision Project 


6 responses to “When Dreams Don’t Come True”

  1. dolphinwrite Avatar

    Some of the things I worked hard for, I got or was able to do. I always have loved horses, but growing up as we did, mostly city-bred, that wasn’t in the cards. But later, the opportunity came, so I was able to learn both western and english riding, later teaching others. But I also remember a saying: be careful what you wish for (You might just get it.). I’m grateful for the things I was able to do and have. But I also know there were trade-offs, some of which prevented something else I later realized was more important to me and others. It even goes into the realm of finding a special someone. How many people have returned to their high school reunions, discovering that the person they thought was someone else turned out quite differently? Careers can be this way. I think, if one is patient and follows their interests, doors open up. Might not be with the speed we are hoping for, but with time, we might just find ourselves where we want, but never could have preimagined.

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    1. The Invisible Vision Project Avatar

      Thank you so much for sharing this, and yes I agree, especially about being patient and opportunities will eventually come up. A lot of people (I find) are too rushed to make conclusions or decisions.

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      1. dolphinwrite Avatar

        Yeah, I think we live in a generation of “I want it now.” My grandparents worked hard all of their lives, building part of the house and contracting some. Decades ago, having a home was a dream. 20-40 years of payments, and they were very happy. They weren’t looking on the other side of the fence.

        Liked by 2 people

      2. The Invisible Vision Project Avatar

        I agree… and with the mindset of want something “now and quick” makes people less appreciative of the things they already have (which is sad). And I find that to be true, the older generations where they had less, are more appreciative of things, even when they now have a lot more than before.


      3. dolphinwrite Avatar

        It’s kind of a car you drive. You put 300k miles on it, remembering all the places it took you. You wanted a new car at 200k, but you couldn’t get rid of it. It’s not about having everything. And that person probably saves more money for retirement. I remember Dave Ramsey saying if you want to get rich, don’t be in a hurry, then you’ll make better decisions.

        Liked by 2 people

      4. The Invisible Vision Project Avatar

        Yeah, it’s true. Well said!

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