My Fragrance-Free Journey (Part 2)

Greetings readers, Welcome back to the blog! Just a little over a year ago, I wrote a first-ever My Fragrance-Free Journey on this blog. This was a journey I never would’ve thought I’d be embarking on, but alas, due to health reasons, it had to be done. When I first wrote that blog, I still… Read More My Fragrance-Free Journey (Part 2)

Lessons I’ve Learned from Being Disabled

Greetings Readers, Welcome back to the blog. Being disabled is not easy. Having a disability often means, you’re faced with a lot of challenges, hardships, barriers and discriminations. After all, the world is not built with the disabled in mind, despite many improvements on accessibility that have already been done (and without question, there’s definitely… Read More Lessons I’ve Learned from Being Disabled