I Love Tea Tag

Hello Everyone, It's been a LONG while since the last time I was tagged to do a Tag blog. And, there is no rules saying that I can't write a tag blog, if I'm not being tagged for it! So, a couple of weeks ago on YouTube, I saw this tag, and I thought to myself- someday… Continue reading I Love Tea Tag

The Visually Impaired People Daily Living Tag

Hello Everyone, A few months back, I did a Tag post on The Visually Impaired People's Tag. This time, it's a tag that elaborates that one with more detailed questions. A shout out to the wonderful creators of this tag, two of my favorite bloggers- Elin from My Blurred World and Holly from Life of a… Continue reading The Visually Impaired People Daily Living Tag

The Visually Impaired People Tag

Hello everyone, This is the Visually Impaired People Tag, also known as the VIP tag. I decided to do this tag for all of you to hopefully understand my visual impairment better. So, let's get started with the questions: What medical condition(s) caused you to be blind or visually impaired?The medical condition that caused my… Continue reading The Visually Impaired People Tag