Hello and Welcome to The Invisible Vision Project.

This is a Personal Blog.

My name is Xin (Carol) Sun.

I am Legally Blind. I have multiple eye conditions that cause me to have progressive Vision Loss. I am a Blogger, a Disability Activist, and a Public Speaker. In my speech, I often share my journey of acceptance (to Vision Loss), and my life as a Visually Impaired person. But in my Blogs, I share a lot more than that. The focus of my blog is still centred around Blindness/Visual Impairment, and with (Dis)ability; but, I also blog about Accessibility, and Life-style. In the future, I am hoping to expand my blog in addressing more topics on other issues that concerns me (and those around me) like: Mental Health Awareness, Issues on Gender and other Social Justice related Issues.

Thank you for stopping by!