Food and its ‘Relationship’ with People

Do you love food? I think most people would answer “yes” to this question. But, do you know how to cook? This, may not be a simple question to answer, at least for some people. Nowadays, most people (especially young professionals and students with busy schedules) would prefer to eat-out instead of cooking at home, because… Continue reading Food and its ‘Relationship’ with People

Talking about Childhood Trauma

The term Childhood Trauma refers to traumatic events or incidents that an individual experienced as a child. Childhood trauma often ranges; and, it is usually associated with violence. Some of the violence-related childhood trauma may include: child abuse (or neglect), assault, and rape; or other forms of violence-related causes of childhood trauma may be due… Continue reading Talking about Childhood Trauma

A conversation about being ‘Normal’

What is normal? The term normal has been something that is very hard to describe or distinguish, especially for young people. Is being a good girl or boy normal? Being pretty or handsome normal? Having good grades normal? Or perhaps, is being strong or have power normal? The truth is, what’s normal in one person’s opinion… Continue reading A conversation about being ‘Normal’