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Blind Girl Problems Series #1

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Hello Everyone, Welcome to the first episode of Blind Girl Problems Series #1. This series will consist of a list of #blindgirlproblems moments recorded off of The Invisible Vision Project’s Facebook page. I hope that all of you will enjoy reading these as much as I enjoy writing them!

blindgirlproblems #1
When the rain is pouring; when the wind is blowing; when you are lost and not knowing your surroundings; and when no one is around to help you- all you gotta do is to stay strong, and don’t cry. Even though with the rain, no one know you are crying, because it is it is hard to tell any way.

blindgirlproblems #2
Dear water… Why can’t you just have some color…

blindgirlproblems #3
Glass doors “looks” invisible; so walk into them is common.

blindgirlproblems #4
Never leave spice powder unattended, the next thing most likely to happen is to have it spilled all over the place other than where it is supposed to be.

blindgirlproblems #5
Wore the cardigan inside out for an entire day… In the end it’s only the blind girl noticed it; sighted people didn’t.

blindgirlproblems #6
“Look! It’s raining!”… I can “look” but I can’t see…

blindgirlproblems #7
Almost walked into the wrong washroom in public…Therefore is in shock of my own blindness…

Oblindgirlproblems #8
Almost walked right off from the side walk curb…. If it wasn’t that I had my white cane!

blindgirlproblems #9
Mistakenly thought a huge building was a truck… and that it was coming towards me…

blindgirlproblems #10
I may be “blind” enough in many other ways; but I am definitely NOT “blind” enough knowing where to get off at a bus stop that’s close to home!

blindgirlproblems #11
It is often difficult to tell apart from people that have similar hair style and color…but it is so odd to approach someone assuming that you know the person and in fact you don’t…

blindgirlproblems #12
Constantly reminding myself whenever I’m outside shopping that I should never buy too many things because I have only got one hand to carry everything home…

blindgirlproblems #13
There are times I don’t pick up things I drop on the ground because I can’t see. But, there are also times I pick up things assuming I’ve dropped on the ground and ended up picking up nothing.
blindgirlproblems #14
Looking for something alone is always a challenge, but the success of it is always rewarding.

Blindgirlproblems #15
The receptionist called in one lady into the doctor’s office, then motioned me to come in as well and she started walking as if I was following her… Then, she turned back to look for me still sitting in my chair puzzled…

By: The Invisible Vision Project


2 responses to “Blind Girl Problems Series #1”

  1. CarlaAnne Communications, LLC Avatar

    Wow. I’ve only been blind a year, but have experienced everyone of this little inconveniences of being blind! Carla Ernst

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Invisible Vision Project Avatar

      It is always good to find people that can relate, thank you for reading and apologize for the delayed response!


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