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A serious matter on people living with Disabilities

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Hello Everyone,

Welcome to The Invisible Vison Project’s Blog.

This blog may be one of the first ‘out of the usual’ blog. But, as an advocate in the disabled community. I feel the need to address this issue here. I must admit that I was upset when I first read the news, and I became more furious when I heard other disabled activists talking and writing about it on their blogs and YouTube channels. So, I have decided to join in the conversation.

Just to give all of you a little bit of background info as to what I am talking about. This is an issue about a massacre that happened almost a month ago in Japan. On July 26, 2016, a twenty-six year old Japanese man killed 19 and injured 26 pf those living in a facility for the disabled people. The suspect of the crime said that his purpose of the massacre was an act to eliminate disabled people from the world. And, he even characterized his action as a form of “mercy killing.” According to his words written to the Japanese government, it reads: I envision a world where a person with multiple disability can be euthanized, when it is difficult for the person to carry out household and social activities…The disabled can only create misery. I think now is the time to carry out a revolution and make the inevitable but tough decision for the sake of all mankind. Let Japan take the first big step.”

To me, all of this sounds absolutely insane and makes no sense at all!! Who in the world has the right to decide the life or death of another person other than the person him or herself? NO ONE! There is no other person in this world, not even one’s birth parents should ever have the right to decide for your life or death. But sadly, we all know that the reality is not as simple. That is why tragic like this happens.

On another note however, I think that I am somewhat related to this issue; and there are reasons for this. First of all, I can relate to this because I also have a disability and that is my Visual Impairment. And, I am very upset about this is because able-bodied people have taken advantage or control of the lives of disabled people. These people, living in a facility that they almost called home, they have not done anything wrong and yet they were murdered. Their lives have been taken away, for no reason. They have done nothing to deserve such a tragedy. They did not have the opportunity to decide for their life, and their fate have been decided by the hands of this crazy man who murdered them! I or anyone else with a disability could so easily be the next victim if we don’t speak up about it!

In addition, another issue that also caught my attention from reading one article, it said: after the massacre, the victims’ family were unwilling to reveal the name of those who’d been murdered to the public. And one of the reasons was because many of these families that have disabled family members did not tell others (for instance their relatives or friends) that they have a disabled family member. This is also unacceptable- just because you have a disabled family member, you won’t accept that person as a member of the family?!! Do you have any knowledge that having a disability is not a choice?! No one wish to be disabled; no one choose to be disabled! This is really unbelievably sad….

To conclude, the reason that I was so emotional when I read something like this is because I’ve shut myself away from my disability for a long time. I didn’t want anyone to know about my disability because likely it will make people treat me differently. As a result, I’ve suffered a lot because of it. I was not able to do my best because I did not have the proper accommodation, support, equipment or tools to do so. However, those days, months, and years of suffering ended when I started to embrace my disability, when I made the decision that it is finally the time to accept it, rather than to running away from it. And what’s more, I’ve also to put myself out there, to become an advocate and a blogger for the subject of Disability. When I share my stories with all of you, I don’t see myself as a target or as an attention-seeker. I only see myself as an example, I stand up for myself to become a model for myself and also for others who are still struggling and hesitate to stand up for themselves at the moment. Whether disabled or not, we all deserve to live. We could all achieve success and have a happy life as long as we try our best in the things we do. So, don’t give up so easily!

Now,  I hope that you have some important take-away from this. And as always, thank you for reading to the end!

By: The Invisible Vision Project


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  1. Nancy Avatar

    Great words, we need your voice, thank you.

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