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Blind Girl Leisure Time

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Hello Everyone,

Welcome to The Invisible Vision Project’s Blog.

Today’s Blog is a fun and interesting one. It is about my hobbies, and what I do in my leisure time. It is a less informative and educational blog, but nonetheless I hope you will enjoy reading it.

In my spare time, I do many activities nearly in the same way as everyone else, despite that I am Visually Impaired. So, I’m both an indoor and an outdoor person, which means I could stay at home all day or spend a day outside all day.

Let’s start with the kind of indoor activities that I do whenever I stay at home: I enjoy surfing the internet, which I often do, I consider myself quite active on social media. Sometimes, I chat with my friends, and other times I watch YouTube videos. Since the start of my blogging project/career, social media kept me busy almost all the time with writing blogs, come up with interesting/inspiring quotes, especially with the #blindgirlproblems series, in which I have so much fun with it. Other than the internet, I LOVE watching Japanese anime and drama, it’s been a hobby of mine since childhood. Music, is also an important part of my life, I love listening to music, I listen to music depend on the kind of mood I am in, and I especially love music with very meaningful lyrics. And oh! I also love reading, and my favourite kind of books are detective stories, historical fictions, books on supernatural beings and also books with or about animals in it.

Aside from the kind of indoor activities that I do in my leisure time, let’s now move on to the kind of outdoor activities that I enjoy doing in my leisure time. The first thing that comes to mind is shopping, as every girl loves to shop, and so does this blind girl! But, I enjoy shopping with someone rather than shopping alone, just because it’s not only easier to shop with another person as sometimes I do need assistance from someone when I go shopping, but I could also get a second opinion from someone before buying anything, which is just so great! Other than shopping, I like to go watch a movie (and yes blind girl does go to movies, not often but it does happen!); I also love dinning out, taking a walk in the park, sightseeing, going to museums, galleries, etc. So, as you can see, I surely do enjoy the outdoors so much, and certainly I do, I love going to places, and explore new things; but I do feel more comfortable doing most of these things with the accompany of another person than doing it all alone.

So, this concludes the Blind Girl Leisure Time blog. I hope you enjoyed reading it, and have got to know me a little better. Please feel free to comment on the kind of activities that you enjoy doing in your spare time; or suggest further blog post/topics that you wish me to write about.

Thank you for reading to the end!

By: The Invisible Vision Project


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