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A One Year Reflection

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Hello Everyone,

Welcome to The Invisible Vision Project’s Blog.

For today’s blog, are you surprised of its title? Or perhaps puzzled about what I’m really going to talk about here in this post?

Well, put it simply, (and I’m still trying my best not to over-excite myself as I’m writing…)

So, today, it marks the One Year Anniversary of Acceptance on my Vision Loss!!! (isn’t this just really exciting? Well, I would like to think so!)

Many of you may already know, through most of my speeches and some of my blog posts, I often share stories about my Visual Impairment as that’s a Disability I’ve lived with nearly my entire life. The truth, however, is that I’ve never really  accepted, or understood my Visual Impairment, at least not until about a year ago!

But, in this blog, rather than sharing about stories of this difficult journey of acceptance. On this particular day, at this particular moment, I’d use this opportunity to give Thanks, to many, many people in my life that have supported me going through this very difficult journey.

I would like first give Thanks to the CNIB, which have given me so much support throughout this very difficult year and even beyond; it is the services, training and the time I spent at the CNIB made me realize: “Blindness is not the end of the world; it’s the beginning of a new world” (Original The Invisible Vision Project Quote).

Also, I would give Thanks to all of those people that are with me at my university, my wonderful professors, student advisors, counsellors, and especially to a group of amazing staff working at the Adaptive Technology Centre. It was all of you, whom changed my life, and made me stronger, with your encouragements, and positivity that you’re constantly supporting and giving me. Without you, and the positive energy, I probably would not be the person I am today.

Certainly, there are a lot more Thanks that I’d like to give, to my friends-those that didn’t abandon me because I have a disability, and those that continue to love and support me for who I am. I’m extremely fortunate and grateful for, most of my friends.

And lastly, I’d give Thanks to…my White Cane, and the acceptance I made to use it. Because, certainly, this day is celebrated and is also dedicated to not only the acceptance on my Visual Impairment, but also a very wise decision I made to become a White Cane user; in which I know the best, this decision did not come easy, but I believe that I did make a right decision.

So, this concludes my One Year Reflection of my Acceptance on my Vision Loss. The blog post is intended to show just how much appreciation I have for all of the people that’ve given me so much love and support throughout this year and beyond!

Thank you for reading to the end!

By: The Invisible Vision Project


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