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New Year’s Resolutions 2017

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Hello Everyone,

Welcome to The Invisible Vision Project’s Blog.

It is finally the new year, a new beginning! HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE! Thank you all for your support of The Invisible Vision Project for the past year (9 months to be exact!).

So, since today is the FIRST day of 2017, I thought of writing a New Year’s Resolution, and then at the end of the year, I can look back and reflect on how much I did from this resolution list, so here it goes:

Be Happy More, and Be Sad or Angry Less

I think this one is really important. Personally, I don’t consider myself a sad and gloomy person all the time, but I think because I am both an emotional and sensitive person, down-times could seem to be really really really down for me. But, for 2017, I want to try to create more happy times than sad ones. Doing more things that I love and spend more time with those that I feel happy to be with!

Try to Stay Healthy

I will be honest, I have not thought about the importance of staying healthy really that much. However, this is not to say that I am careless about my health and well-being, I do, and I actually care a lot. But, sometimes, I don’t know what works for me to stay healthy and especially on getting more exercise. I mean I get that most people try to stay healthy by maintaining a healthy diet, or go to the gym to do lots of exercise. But, doing a lot of heavy exercise could actually do me a lot of harm than do any good. Despite this, I actually thought of a stay healthy plan for myself, and that is to try to take a walk at least half an hour to an hour each day, and be consistent about it. This may sound easy or plain to most people, but this is actually (I think) a suitable and manageable exercise and way to stay healthy for me.

Smile More On Camera 

Actually, I didn’t really think a lot about this one, but few of my friends have pointed out multiple times that I don’t smile ‘big enough’ on camera, and this is (sadly) true. To be honest, I never really had those big, wide smiles on camera, it’s not something I do. When I was very young, I remembered that I was very afraid of the camera, and especially the flashes, I think this was because my eyes were sensitive to them, and I still think my eyes are sensitive. Also, I don’t enjoy taking photos that much, because due to my Visual Impairment, my eyes do not ‘lining up straight’ ( it’s an eye condition called strabismus), so I really didn’t like taking pictures that much in the past; but, I think I like it more now, simply because I want to document every moment of my life while I still have the ability to see it all. And, despite all of this, for the new year, I will try to smile more on camera!

Be More Natural and Open when Meeting New People

I think it’s only in the recent years or so that I started to feel comfortable when meeting with new people. Although, I am not 100% comfortable with it. The biggest part of this is because I am very afraid to be judged. But the truth is, if you find the group of people who are non-judgemental, then you’ve actually truly found the right group of people! For me, personally, I tend to be very formal, polite, and all-serious in front of strangers or just people I meet for the very first time, I think this is important, because this actually shows people that I am a polite and possibly a nice person. But sometimes, it could make the other person or even myself more nervous…So, for the new year, I think there needs to be a balance to this, I don’t wish to scare someone off from being over polite and serious!

Don’t Be Afraid to Take On Challenges

The reason that sometimes I’m not willing to take on challenges is not because I am scared to do something, but because of my hesitation or uncertainty. I hesitate for different reasons, and it may not simply be that I am afraid, my disability which is my Visual Impairment actually plays a big role in this, most of the time I hesitate because of I couldn’t see or of my poor visual feedback, it then makes me become very timid. But, I really dislike the feeling of being uncertain, because I think I am, most of the time a pretty certain type of person. And funny enough,  Many times and with many things, I can do them, and even I was doing it, I still question and hesitate…:P. So, in the New Year, I wish to try to ‘throw away’ my doubts, the more the better, so I will have no hesitation and so that I could be more brave and confident.

So, this concludes my New Year’s Resolution. Even though it is not a lot, I think it is workable. I won’t try to make resolutions that are unreasonable or undoable, I think that would be unrealistic.

Thank you for reading to the end.

By: The Invisible Vision Project


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