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Blind Girl Problems Series #2

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Hello Everyone,

Welcome back to The Invisible Vision Project’s second episode of Blind Girl Problems #2. In this episode, it is a continuation of the first episode which is titled: Blind Girl Problems Series #1, (click the link to read the first episode if you haven’t already)and of course, with the second episode, it has more #BlindGirlProblems moments taken from The Invisible Vision Project’s Facebook page. So, let’s get started:

blindgirlproblems #16

Too sighted to be blind; and yet too blind to be sighted.

blindgirlproblems #17

I don’t see well in two circumstances: when it is to bright AND when it is too dark.

blindgirlproblems #18

I cannot tell distance…so every time I encounter something that appears to be ‘in my way,’ I’d always assume that it’s right in front of me, even though I’m still very far away from that object.

blindgirlproblems #19

Don’t shout out my name in public and expect me to respond, because I’m sorry for I cannot see.

blindgirlproblems #20

walked into a post office to look for the library….

blindgirlproblems #21

there should be rules made for bikers/skateboarders to stop at stop signs, so they don’t scare the innocent #blindgirl.

blindgirlproblems #22

I may be blind…but I’m not deaf… #sadblindgirl

blindgirlproblems #23

It can be shocking to hear voices in the room when you are the only person in it. (blind girl with adaptive technology problem).

blindgirlproblems #24

Is having one of those constantly spilling a glass of water kind of days…

 blindgirlproblems #25

I whacked myself on the forehead with my guiding cane….#ouch #bumponhead

blindgirlproblems #26

People can see me better than I can see them. And yet, they still refuse to move out of my way.

blindgirlproblems #27

Do not direct me with “come here” or “go there,” because I have no idea where “here” or “there” is.

blindgirlproblems #28

The awkward feeling when: someone is being overly helpful; and also when they are not being helpful at al…

blindgirlproblems #29

some dark loking trees looked like spooky little ghost to the eyes of a #blindgirl.

blindgirlproblems #30

crazy cyclists are a hazard to the poor #blindgirl who was just trying to cross the road safely.

blindgirlproblems #31

High-techs are awesome when they work smoothly and well. However, it can be really sad when they don’t work well as they should!

blindgirlproblems #32

Getting dropped off at the wrong bus station, in a complete unfamiliar place…is both frustrating and frightening.

blindgirlproblems #33

Why should there ever have a pot of plant, or a humongous rock placed right in the middle of the road…..

blindgirlproblems #34

Asking someone to look for something for me; it turned out, I am standing right in front of what I was looking for!

blindgirlproblems #35

Guiding a visually impaired person is not to drag them by the sleeve, and without even asking for permission first!

So, this concludes this episode of Blind Girl Problems Series #2. I really hope  you enjoyed reading them!

By: The Invisible Vision Project



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