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Happy Birthday-The Invisible Vision Project! 

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Hello Everyone,
Welcome to The Invisible Vision Project’s Blog.
In today’s blog, judging by it’s title, I think you’ve already know what this blog is going to be about. That’s right! The Invisible Vision Project celebrates its first Birthday today!! (Yay!!)

Exactly one year ago today, I started the launch of this disability-based advocacy/ blogging project; although, I actually started blogging a month after the project launch (the celebration of me being a blogger will be at a later date :P).

Nonetheless, this is still an important day to celebrate!! And honestly, I had a lot of doubt and not enough confidence when I first launched this project. I doubted that many people will pay a lot of attention to it, and also afraid that this will only be temporary than a long-term commitment. But, thanks to a lot of people that are truly close to me and have given me the confidence that I needed, because without the positive people that are here in my life, this project probably won’t happen, and I won’t be doing the work I’m doing now.

Also, I’m clearly aware that for now, the work that I’m doing is not really a paid work, I’m not (yet) paid to share my story as a public speaker nor paid to blog, but it doesn’t mean that this is not called working, and the truth is, that I believe it is, and that this is what I’m currently very passionate about and enjoy doing (I also know that there will be people in my life that might say other wise), but I don’t care about that.

I’m only forever thankful and grateful for my followers, and supporters, those of you that choose to join The Invisible Vision Project family with me, thank you all, so very much!

And, because it’s the one year anniversary of The Invisible Vision Project. I would like to use this opportunity to make an announcement to a new addition for this Blog. At this point, on the blog page, The Invisible Vision Project has 3 Blogging sub-categories which are: Blind Girl Blogs, Blind Girl Problems Series and Blind Girl Tags. In addition, and as an expansion, another sub-category titled Blind Girl Literary Criticisms has been added. There are reasons for this new addition, and one of which is that I’m currently preparing for a Creative Journalism for one of my university courses, and I want to do Blogging as part of this creative piece. After giving a lot of careful thoughts and considerations, instead of opening another blogging site temporarily, why not use this existing one (I have also consulted with a few of my followers of this blog who’re also supportive of this idea. And, even after the Creative Journal entries are done, I can still use this sub-category to write literary criticisms and/or book reviews (Yes, I, even for a blind girl, do read books outside of school, and I really do enjoy it!).

So, please let us all welcome this new addition and many more additions to come for continuously growing The Invisible Vision Project!

That is all I have to say in this blog today, I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading it, and thank you for reading to the end!
By: The Invisible Vision Project


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