Is Vision Loss Scary?

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May is Vision Health Month. So, I want to take the time and opportunity to write a blog related to Vision Loss.

A lot of times, sighted people, or able-bodied people ask this quite frequently asked question to people with disability or with Visual Impairment: Don’t you find it scary to have a disability? Or, Isn’t Vision Loss just so scary?

Well, let’s answer this question, and have me explain you how I think about this.

To answer the question, I just want to say, there is no simple yes or no answer to a question like this, because a yes or no does not really answers to the question! But, I will first say that, yes, Vision Loss is scary, because the reality is: any kind of loss is scary, whether it is an emotional or a physical loss, and whether the loss is related to disability or not. Think about it, if you lose a friend, or a family member in life (which it happens in life, no one lives forever), almost no one would say that that’s OK, and I’m not scared or sad about it. An experience like this, it must be uncomfortable, and often, sad and scary. And, we all need time to heal from this kind of loss, but it won’t go away easily, it will always be there, and be a part of our lived experience, it’s a part of life. So, this is the same or at least in a lot of ways, similar for those of us living with Vision Loss. Losing your vision, is almost like losing a part of you, especially losing something or maybe a lot of things you were able to do, but probably ‘not as much’ able to do anymore. But, it doesn’t mean you can’t do anything (that might be what you think in your mind, especially at first, and that’s where the fear is!), also the truth is: you will be able to learn to do things, just do them a little differently than before. So, because of such a loss, there must be an adjustment period, to that loss, and sometimes, give yourself sometime to heal from that loss.

However, Vision Loss can also be not as terrifying as you might think. That being said, just like any kind of loss, that we need to adjust to it. So, as long as we’ve made the adequate adjustment to Vision Loss, as long as we’ve first accepted the loss (meaning that we’ve accepted the fact now that we must live with it). To understand, and then to accept it, and then move on. There will be a huge grieving process, and it could take a long time, for some people as well, but that’s OK. Then, the next step is finding support, which is very important, whether it is from supportive family members or friends, people that care about you, or to find support through a community or an organization that helps people living with Vision Loss in the greater community, is also crucial. Then, it is to get on with the necessary training and learn skills to cope with Vision Loss. And of course, having a team of medical professionals also play an important role in this as well. Once you have all of that, you’ve created a huge network for yourself! Then, Vision Loss may not be as scary as you might think anymore. And, sometimes, by accepting your disability or your Vision Loss, it might give you the strength and make you a much more stronger person than you’d ever imagine yourself to be!

So, I hope this blog is able to give you an insight of how to look at your disability and your Vision Loss in a positive manner. And, I also hope that you’ve enjoyed reading today’s post! Thank you for reading to the end!

By: The Invisible Vision Project

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