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There is No Shame in Seeking Help

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Hello Everyone,

Welcome to The Invisible Vision Project’s Blog.

In today’s blog, let’s have a conversation about Seeking Help.

Recently, I’ve found a number of people in my life that are in a situation of needing to seek help from others. And, many people, they find it difficult to do so, for different reasons.

Normally, we don’t seek help from others, this is because we don’t want to trouble or bother other people, and, sometimes, it may be because we don’t want to show weakness in front of people, especially when we’re at the point where we need to seek help from the general public, and from people we don’t know. Seeking help (kind-of) also means we can’t do something on our own, and we need others to help us with the things we can’t do. But, have we really thought about this? Seeking help from others, it actually makes the person who is able to help feel good about themselves? And, people with good hearts actually don’t mind giving a helping hand to someone in need, and they don’t ask anything in return.

In addition, let me also give you a very personal example and thought on this topic. To me, seeking help from others is VERY difficult to do. I enjoy helping others, but it is hard for me to receive help. If you’re wondering: why is that? Well, because, for a very long period in my life, I was taught and told NOT to seek help from others, simply because it would signify I am a needy and ultimately a weak person. As a result, for a very long time, I would feel very bad, and even guilty whenever I go and seek help from others. (And even now, occasionally, I still feel this way, but I know this is not a healthy thought, so I tell myself not to do it as much as I can). And, I also became very sensitive to receiving help, I would overreact my gratitude towards the person who gave me help, sometimes, even more than necessary. Of course, it is good to feel grateful for those who help us, but overreact to it could be a little awkward sometimes!

But, the truth is, we are only human, and because we are only human, we will need help from others, at some point in our lives. It doesn’t really matter if we are able-bodied, a person with disability or whatever the case may be, we all need help at some point. No one could say that they never did and never will need help from others. So, accept help when we need to, and helping others when we can, is all we can and should do!

This concludes today’s blog. Thank you for reading to the end!

By: The Invisible Vision Project


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