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‘Tis the Back to School Season Again…

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Hello Everyone,

Welcome to The Invisible Vision Project’s Blog.

As soon as September approaches, most of us already know what that means-it’s back-to-school season! (We all know this, whether we’re a student, or a parent, or even neither!). For me, it seemed like I’ve been in school like FOREVER! Well, this statement is kind of true, if you do the math, I’ve actually been in school for just about 20 years! (now, that is a LONG time!). Well, there’re a number of reasons for this.

In today’s blog, I want to first share with all of you my schooling experience (from the beginning up until now…). To start off, I went to school at a very late age. So, I first started grade one at the age of 7. Then, when I came to Canada at 14, I was supposed to be in high school, but I didn’t, I stayed back a year; and, I also stayed one extra year in high school. So, when I came to university, I was already 20. And, I spent 5 years in university to study my first undergraduate degree in History; and now, I’m on my second undergraduate degree in Gender Studies (the reason for this, if you’re interested to hear about the story, it’ll be for another blog!). So, this is where I am right now. Honestly, I will say that my experience with school was never easy, since the very first day in grade one; I also remembered that I think I almost peed my pants in grade one, because I was so shy, timid, and scared of being away from my parents (note that I never really attended kindergarten or pre-school); and, I also experienced bullying in the early years of my schooling. On the other hand, I also remembered that I almost always had a good relationship with my teachers, I think I may have thought of my teachers as a parental figure, so that I could feel calm and secure at school. Or you could even say I’m just lucky to have good teachers!

Alright, enough with the talk on my past schooling experience. I also want to talk about this upcoming year (which starts TOMORROW!!!!). To be honest, I’m actually very excited for this year, since the time I started planning out my timetable and up until now, I almost immediately know that this will be a GOOD year! I’m very interested in the courses and the materials that I’ll be studying this year, and that I’m already familiar with the instructors that will be teaching me (this is always good and important!). However, this doesn’t mean that I’m worry-free. For one thing that makes me worry a lot for sure is my very unstable health situation, and because it is uncertain, and I have no control over it, it makes doing things, or even doing nothing harder. Certainly, I wouldn’t be like just because I have these challenges or difficulties in life, I’m going to sit at home and do nothing, because, as I said, even doing nothing won’t help, so I might as well do something I like (and going to school is something I enjoy very much!). So, you can probably tell, there’re both positive and negative about going to school this year. Even so, I’m super glad that I still get to go to school, and that I still get to study what I enjoy studying, I’m going to stay positive and say: This is going to be a good year and I’m so looking forward to it!

So, this concludes today’s blog. Thank you for reading to the end!
Good luck to those who’re also starting school!

By: The Invisible Vision Project


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