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Accept and Know Your Limits 

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Hello Everyone,

Welcome to The Invisible Vision Project’s Blog.

Today, I want to have a conversation with you about limitations. Yes, believe me, we all have limitations. It doesn’t matter how strong of a person you are, in life, there’ll always be things that we can do, and things that we can’t do.

Most of us are probably familiar with the expression, especially when we’re faced with things we can’t do, people around us often say, “don’t beat yourself up,” and no matter how many times we hear it, there’ll always be people who do end up “beating themselves up.” And, I happened to be one of those kind of people.

In the past, especially when I was younger, I didn’t know my limitations well enough, or rather, I didn’t want to know or to accept those limitations I have. I felt that, if I show my limitations in front of people, it’s like showing weakness. So, for a very long time, I had been hiding in a nutshell and silently pushing forward, without acknowledging my limits and know when to stop. Some people saw me as this “always on the go” and “always pushing on” or “never seem to stop” type of person. On the one hand, it might be good to be busy, and be this “always on the go” or “pushing on” type, it also kind of shows a person’s strong characteristic( from the outside). But, in reality, that’s actually very stressful and tiring, because I don’t allow or give myself a break!

Then, when things in life started to change about 2 years ago, first with the vision loss acceptance, then followed with the mental and physical health acceptance/challenges, I was in a position where I had to make necesssary adjustments to re-learn how to live my life, that, of course includes- accept and know my limits, which is huge, and I’m still in this learning process.

So, what I can share with you from my accept and know your limit journey is that, it actually feels really good to know your limits, it’s not disabling but rather quite the opposite! It allowed me at least, to know when I’m able to do things, I put the time and energy into the task, I stay focused and do my work with the best ability I could. Then, if I’m not able to do things at a certain time, for whatever reason, I allow myself for a time-off and not feeling guilty about it, meaning, not to “beat myself up” for it. And, when I’m well rested and have recharged my energy, I continue on with the work I left off. So, you could say, I’ve tried and learned to establish a work& rest balance! And, this has been helping me a lot. But, occasionally, I still do have moments where I couldn’t get the planned tasks done in the time I wanted, and the self-criticism voice comes on, when that time comes, I try my best to push that voice away, it’s not easy, but I continue to try. In life, it’s all about learning to know what’s work for you and what’s not, life itself is a continuous learning process!

Thus, this concludes today’s blog post. I hope you enjoyed reading this and had some take-away from it. Thank you for reading to the end!
By: The Invisible Vision Project



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