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The Nystagmus Tag

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Hello Everyone,

I hope you’re all doing well. It’s been a while since my last blog post, (apologies for that!). Life and school just got so busy, I promise I haven’t quit as a blogger, at least not yet! Anyhow, now, I can finally sit down and write a blog, before diving into the holiday celebration…

So, because I haven’t wrote anything Vision Loss related, I thought I should write this one. It is The Nystagmus Tag. To clarify, nystagmus is an eye condition causing involuntary movement of the eyes, people have nystagmus often have other eye conditions. (So if you have ever wondered about why my eyes are constantly moving  and was afraid to ask, this blog is for you to read!)Now, let’s getting into the questions:

1. Are you the only one in your family to have nystagmus?

I believe (and I’m pretty sure) I’m the only one to have nystagmus in my family.

2. How has your nystagmus affected you throughout your life so far?

I acquired nystagmus because of the many other eye conditions I have. When I was younger, nystagmus didn’t affect me that much at all, and it wasn’t as prominent. But, when I got older, my vision got worse, and so did the nystagmus, so that made reading (normal size) print very difficult. And I think, the worsening of my nystagmus was the very first signs that I realized my vision was/is getting worse.

3. What are you registered as – partially sighted, severely sight impaired, blind, etc?

There’re a number of ways to describe Vision Loss. I’m registered as Legally Blind, so I think that is equivalent as severely sight impaired (go ahead and correct me if I’m wrong on this one).

4. Do you have any other eye conditions with your nystagmus?

Yes, I do have other eye conditions, the main cause of my Vision Loss is Degenerative Myopia, aside from nystagmus, I also have amblyopia, strabismus and night blindness.

5. Do you have any visual aids to help you with your condition?

Currently, I have a monocular scope and a few Magnifier.

6. Do you have any advice for parents of children with nystagmus?

I think having any eye condition is scary, and it certainly creates anxiety and uncertainty. But, with proper adaptation and the use of visual aids/equipment, even though some vision loss cannot be cured or improved, one can still live a fulfilled and lively life!
7. Describe your vision in 3 words.

Blurry, shaky, unreliable

8. What help did you get in school/work?

I have accommodations and use alternative format.

[If you also have nystagmus, go ahead and do this tag!]

So, this concludes today’s blog post. I hope you’ve enjoyed it and maybe learned something new about my very special and unique vision!

And, wishing everyone an early Happy Holidays!

BY: The Invisible Vision Project


2 responses to “The Nystagmus Tag”

  1. Hannah O’Sullivan Avatar
    Hannah O’Sullivan

    Email me please! I have acquired nystagmus too and need advice.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Invisible Vision Project Avatar

      Thank you for reaching out!


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