Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Award

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This blog post is entirely unplanned, but it is absolutely a necessary one to make. So, about two weeks ago, at the beginning of the month, I received a very special and surprising email from Queen’s University, the Division of Student Affairs. The email was to notify me that I was nominated and the recipient of an award titled: Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Impact Award. This award is awarded to 2 students who have shown their commitment to the principles of equity, diversity and inclusion (and in making Queen’s University campus a more inclusive campus).

Upon hearing this great news, I was not only astonished but also very honored to be the recipient of such an important award. Honestly, when I was reading that email, I was waking up from a noon hour nap. I almost thought I was dreaming, and that this couldn’t possibly be real! But, it is very much real!

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Award

Today, I attended the celebration of Student Leadership Reception, to officially receive the award (photo is attached on the left). At this very moment, all I could think of is being thankful. I’m extremely thankful and grateful (I can say this a million times more) for all the amazingly supportive and nice people I’ve met in my life, be it my friends, professors, advisors, counsellors, and all the other people that have helped me-especially throughout a very difficult period of my vision loss acceptance journey. I think, accepting my disability and working as a disability advocate completely changed me. If I didn’t come out of my disability, if I remained hidden in that shell, I wouldn’t be making all the accomplishments I’ve made so far. And most definitely, if I didn’t meet all the amazing people I now have in my life, I also wouldn’t be who I am. And, to be very honest, when I determined to dedicate my work, and my life working as a disability advocate, my aim wasn’t to be famous or popular. I couldn’t possibly be that popular girl, and it’s totally OK that I’m not, because popularity isn’t something that’s ever important for me. My aim, was and still is to help myself in getting my voice out there; and, to help others, together to raise awareness, and to get their voices out there, too.


Once again, I want to express my very sincere thank-you to the amazing people who nominated me for this award, thank you. And, to all the people that came to celebrate this important day with me, thank you. This is a memorable and an unforgettable day! THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH!


And, as always, Thank you for reading to the end.

By: The Invisible Vision Project


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