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The Invisible Vision Project is now Self-Hosted!

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Hello Everyone,

Welcome to The Invisible Vision Project’s Blog.

Today, I have one of by far the most exciting news to share with you all! And that is… *drum rolls please* YES! It’s already written as the title of the blog! So, I am once again very excited to make this an official announcement: The Invisible Vision Project is now self-hosted!!!!

Whether you are a new reader on my blog or you have been following this site for a while, allow me to recap a little bit: I founded The Invisible Vision Project about over two years ago (In March of 2016), however, I didn’t start off or intend to be a blogger at first. One of the biggest reasons for this was: I didn’t feel confident and comfortable enough to write blogs, since English isn’t my native language. But then, I didn’t feel like writing a blog in another language, either. So, shortly after The Invisible Vision Project was launched (on Facebook first as a Page), I used it to share disability/blindness related resources, inspirational quotes and life lessons, and some other personal thoughts and contents. Then, after about a month, I made a huge decision, that was to give blogging a try, and that’s when my very first blog was published: My Story, My Vision. Since then, I never stopped blogging. (Someday in the near future, I will definitely be writing a blog post on what I’ve learn as a blogger).

So, you might ask, why do I want to self-host my blog? Well, there are definitely good reasons for this change. Now, it’s been over two years since I started The Invisible Vision Project, I became a disability activist, a blogger and also a public speaker. I think, I’ve changed and grew so much through all of this, and especially, I think of it as a career (at least, I’m doing all of this to build a career for myself). Therefore, a part of building one’s own career is about professionalism. And I think, in getting this site self-hosted is one step towards professionalism.

Also, there are definitely benefits to self-host this site, both for you as readers and for me, as currently the sole admin/contributor of this site. As readers, you will find this site is going to be more organized, with less or no unnecessary advertisements. As admins, I now have my own domain (this is huge, because it means I own this site completely, and the official site now becomes: And also, I can get a little more creative with the themes and, I have more freedom to do some other customization to the site as well. Right at the moment, I haven’t been working on that yet, just because, it’s going to be a bit of a learning process for me to learn all the new features in order to change things around. But, it will all come together eventually!

Hence, all that being said, I think I have made the right decision to self-host this site. More importantly, I hope you, my friends and readers, enjoy this new change! I’m always happy to hear new ideas and input on how to make this site better and accessible, so, if you have thoughts or ideas, please do get in touch with me!

Thank you for reading to the end.

By: The Invisible Vision Project


8 responses to “The Invisible Vision Project is now Self-Hosted!”

  1. floweringink Avatar


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  2. Nancy Avatar

    Congratulations! This is great news and I’m looking forward to seeing the development of your site and your work.

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  3. My Blurred World Avatar

    Congratulations! I’ve loved seeing your blog grow over the past couple of years and I’m so happy for you now that you’re self-hosted! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you and your blog 🙂

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  4. Laura Spoonie Avatar

    That’s so awesome, i’m looking forward to joining you on your blogging journey and learning more.

    You are very talented and can’t wait to read more of your previous and new posts

    Thank you for following me cause otherwise I might not have found you ☺

    Laura ❤

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    1. The Invisible Vision Project Avatar

      Thank you so much for joining my blog! I’m looking forward to reading your blog contents, too!


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