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5 Hardest Parts of Being an Activist

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Hello Everyone,

Welcome to The Invisible Vision Project’s Blog.

Today marks a special day. It is The Invisible Vision Project’s third anniversary! Which means, I’ve been an activist for 3 years! Normally, I don’t talk about perseverance, because I don’t think I really have that. But, with my advocacy work, I think I’m pretty committed and dedicated.

Alright, that’s not really what this blog is about. In this blog, I wanted to share with you- 5 hardest parts of being an activist (in no particular order):

  • Be Happy and Positive- All the Time

This is a big one to talk about. The truth is, no one is (and can be) happy and positive ALL THE TIME. That’s just not possible. Humans are full of emotions and, activists are,too! And in fact, I just happen to be an emotional & sensitive person. So, it’s hard (for me) to disregard my pain, suffering and sadness, and just pretend be happy and positive. I can’t, and won’t do that.

  • Being called “brave and inspirational”

This one, similarly like the one from above. Just because, I’m sharing my stories, and I’m educating others, this doesn’t make me brave and inspirational, just for being an activist. And, I can’t and won’t always be brave and inspirational. Also, just because I look a certain way (i.e. confident) on stage, it doesn’t mean I’m like that (or have to be like that) all the time in real life.

  • Telling Life Story isn’t an Easy Job

Some people believe, those that are sharing their own life experiences and stories are doing an easy job. This isn’t true at all. When I say, activism isn’t an easy job, I meant by, not only the amount of work, (in my case) I put a lot of effort on resource digging, blog publishing, and securing speaking opportunities, etc. But also, the amount of emotional labor that’s involved in, it is HUGE. And, activism work, just like certain jobs, it may not be suitable for everyone; but those who chose to do it, can do it well.

  • Not Everyone Understands What it takes to Be an Activist

It is true, not everyone understands what it takes to be an activist. Not everyone knows what an activist is. But, when it happens to be the people that are close to you, (that should be your allies no matter what, in whatever you do in life). When they’re the ones that don’t understand and don’t appreciate in the work that you do, it’s even harder to do it. But guess what, from my personal experience, I’ve learned, even it’s your very closest ones that don’t understand what you are doing as an activist, and that’s OK. As long as, you know what you are doing, and you know that activism work gives you a great sense of purpose. Then, nothing else really matters anymore.

  • Support V.S. Criticism

When working in a field where it involves a large community: such as the work of an activist. You will hear agreements, praises, positivity, and support. On the other hand, you will also hear criticism, hurt and negativity. One of the hardest part of this, (for me) is to know that I can’t and won’t make everyone agree and love what I do as I activist. That’s just not possible. And, the only thing I can do is, to cherish and surround myself with positive people, and block out the ignorance and negativity that’s out there. And fortunately, (for the most part), I’ve had mostly positive and supportive experiences as an activist, which I’m so grateful and thankful to have.

So, this is it. This is the end of today’s blog on 5 Hardest Parts of Being an Activist. Despite those hardships, I still love what I do, without question, and I will continue, no matter what. Also, I’d love to hear from you: Are you an activist? Do you plan to become an activist? Why or why not.

Thank you for reading to the end.

By: The Invisible Vision Project


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