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Three Year Blog Anniversary: Blogging When Writing isn’t My Strength

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Hello Everyone,

Welcome to The Invisible Vision Project’s Blog.

I wanted to write a blog post about writing, specifically about my writing for such a long time. But, I have been putting it off since I haven’t found an appropriate time/opportunity to do it, and I actually feel slightly self-conscious to write about it. But, today is the perfect day to do it! Ready or not, I’m doing (writing) it!

If I hadn’t opened WordPress today, I wouldn’t have known that I registered on WordPress 3 years ago today. Which meant, I’ve been a blogger for 3 years! (Yay).

But, this is also a ‘scary’ realization. And if you are wondering why? That’s because, I never have imagined myself to blog for 3 years! And, I’m actually enjoying it. Sometimes, it’s hard, but for the most part, it’s good.

To be honest, I have been skeptical about being a blogger and write blogs on a fairly regular basis (Even though I don’t write everyday or every week, at least I try to write once or twice every month!). Well, why am I skeptical is also because: I’m not a good writer. Or rather, I’m not a confident writer. Although I don’t hate writing, but I don’t love it. I guess you could say, we have a neutral relationship, if that makes any sense at all!

So, why am I not a confident writer? Mostly it’s because, I have a lot of flaws in my writing. And that’s because, English isn’t my first or native language. But the (other) sad truth is: I couldn’t write well in my native language, either.

When I first started blogging, I was a little afraid of anyone reading/or commenting on my blog. I feared that the only thing they’ll say is my poor language and grammar. But, that turned out to be just me and my overthinking. I’m happy and fortunate to say that, no one (at least at this point) has negatively criticized my writing openly in public. Sometimes, people will point things out, but thankfully not in negative ways, but in helpful ways.

Throughout the past 3 years of blogging, I faced a lot of challenges as an ‘immature’ blogger. Because of my lack of confidence with my writing, it takes me way LONGER to write a blog than average bloggers. I revise and re-write, more often than average bloggers. Sometimes, I’d write a blog post then, re-write the entire piece again, because I just don’t feel confident and comfortable enough to post it. I may even have treated blogging as academic and professional writing. And I think, this is actually good (in some ways)because, I also improved quite a bit in my academic and professional writing. And, on multiple occasions, I even wrote blogs for academic purses as well.

Even though, blogging and writing has been and still is very difficult for me. And, I may still have flaws in my writing. But I do enjoy it more and more; and I find it much easier to write, as I practice to write more. Writing, (I think) is different but also similar from solving math or science questions, I could perhaps never achieve 100% but, the more I practice, the better it gets. I can see myself improving, even just little by little.

As of today, I’ve been a blogger for 3 years, and I believe, there will be 3 more years and maybe even more years to come. Sometimes, I will write more and other times I’ll write less. So, I ask that my fellow bloggers and supporters, please be patient and show your positive support to this slightly nervous (but will always be trying) blogger friend of yours. Give her positive encouragements and comments. And if you are a slightly nervous blogger/writer yourself, you are certainly not alone. Let’s all work together and be happy writers!

So, this concludes today’s blog. At last, here are some questions for my fellow bloggers/ writers: How long have you been a blogger/writer? Why did you start blogging? And, do you love/ are you good at writing? I’d love to hear your blogging story so please feel free to leave your comments below!

Thank you for reading to the end!

By: The Invisible Vision Project


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