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Graduation: Class of 2019!

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Hello Everyone,

Welcome to The Invisible Vision Project’s blog.

Photo Description: I’m wearing a white blazer with a black long/lace dress, posing outside of the graduation ceremony hall with my white cane in one hand and a small bouquet of flowers in the other.

This is a very special blog. I mean, every one of my blog is special (so you should go read it!). But this one, is…extra special. It is currently the evening of Wednesday, June 12, 2019. Why am I so specific about the date? That’s because, earlier today, I graduated from university… not for the first time, but for the SECOND time. This time, I graduated with my second BA in Gender Studies and a certificate in Sexual and Gender Diversity. And, if you are curious as to what my first degree was, it was a BA in History (AND also from Queen’s- Class of 2016, but I didn’t attend that convocation ceremony, mainly because, I was going through a lot of transitions in my life at that time-partly due to new adjustments to vision loss).

Now, let’s talk about THIS ceremony. If you have ever attended a university graduation ceremony, you probably know that it can get a little complicated, and a little confusing sometimes (even if you don’t have a disability). Luckily, when I made the decision to attend the ceremony, I reached out to a few people for help. And, I had 3 people worked on helping me find a sighted guide, and it turned out, I had 5 different sighted guides (throughout different parts of the ceremony- because all of these people that had helped me also already had been given other tasks at the ceremony).

Photo Description: In this photo, I’m wearing my graduation gown, I still have my white cane in one hand, and the programme and my small bouquet of flowers in the other.

Truly, this was an amazing experience and I really did enjoy it, even with having to need a lot of help from many people. And with all of my sighted guide that helped me today, I was able to attend the ceremony as smoothly as possible. I’m just so thankful and grateful to have found helpful and supportive people in my life (some of those, I call my positive people team in my life). I know that, after graduation, many of these people I hopefully will continue to have connections with, but some the connection might eventually fade. But, I have been getting ready to new challenges, looking ahead and into the future. I know that, I will continue to find and meet different positive people team in my life!

Finally, a huge congrats to all graduates, not just from today, but literally, to ALL graduates of all education levels. Happy Class of 2019!

By: The Invisible Vision Project


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