Things I do During the Holiday Season

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‘Tis the holiday season! I still can’t quite believe that this year went by so quickly. But then again, I guess it’s a good thing because, it’s been an awfully difficult year for me, especially with my health. So I can’t wait for the year to be over and begin afresh. Anyways, since it’s already December, and it’s the holiday season, so I thought, why not write a blog to share with you all on the things I do during the holiday season.

Pre-holiday shopping:

This is a must, in order to get the holiday spirit started! I usually begin shopping between the mid or the end of November to early December. This is when I prepare most of my shopping for my loved ones (aka gift prep). It’s a fun process, and I often put a lot of thoughts into this. I consider myself a thoughtful and dedicated gift giver!

Put Up Decorations:

For the past couple of years since I started living completely on my own, I started decorating my tiny apartment home for the holidays, definitely without fail! I have a bag full of Christmas decors, as soon as December rolls around, I’d put up the decorations. Of course, I can never compare to those who decorate their entire home, but I’m satisfied and happy with the what I have, to add a bit of festiveness to my place.

Holiday Themed Cookies and Sweets:

If you know me really well, you’ll be surprised to know that I don’t normally enjoy eating sweets very much. But, there is an exception-that is, the holiday season! During the holiday season, I’d actually add a bit of sweets and cookies into my life. Want to know my favorite sweets? That has to be…short bread cookies!!!

Going to Places or Visiting People:

Because I don’t live in the same city as my family and most of my friends, often times during the holidays, I travel to visit them. I don’t think I traveled every holiday to visit people, but for the most part, I did. And now, because of many factors, especially with my unpredictable health and with the unpredictable winter weather, I no longer plan ahead or make promises that I’d visit people, simply because, I don’t want to break promises. So, I made up a rule that, if my health and the weather cooperate, I will then make plans to go to places to visit people.

Listening to Songs that have the Word “Snow” in it:

You’ve probably heard people saying that they listen to Christmas music weeks or months before and after Christmas. This is kind of similar. During the holiday season, as much as I’ll still listen to Christmas music, but I’ll also be listening to music that has the word “Snow” in it.

Holiday Themed Everything:

I talked about eating holiday themed sweets and cookies but, I also wanted to mention, besides the sweets, during this season, I’ll also bring out or buy other holiday themed things, such as: holiday themed pajamas, holiday themed socks, ugly sweaters, holiday themed mugs, holiday themed teas (And anything or everything holiday themed!)Bring on the festivity!

Cooking during the Holidays:

If you know me, you know that I like to cook. I like to cook even more when it’s during the holidays. Sometimes, I’ll have visitors to have dinner with during the holidays, and when that happens, I usually make a bigger than normal meal, and even though it’s a lot of work to do all the cooking, as long as there’s someone to share the food with, and have someone’s help to do the cleaning afterwards, I couldn’t be any happier!

Post Holiday Shopping:

When there’s a pre-holiday shopping, there has to be a post-holiday shopping. Especially, when pre-holiday shopping is usually shopping for other people. So, you guessed it right, post holiday shopping is mostly shopping for myself! When the holiday is over, there is usually a sale, and I usually take advantage of that to buy the things I need.

So, this is it! This is my list of things I do during the holiday season. Do you do some or at least one of the things I do during the holiday season? What other things that you do during the holiday season? Let’s get festive by having a conversation in the comment section down below! Happy (early) Holidays!

By: The Invisible Vision Project

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