Keeping Busy While Staying at Home

Hello Everyone,

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Hope everyone’s doing well, wherever you are in the world. These are definitely trying times we are facing right now. All I can hope for is again, I hope you are all doing well, at least, as well as you can be.

To be honest, sometimes, I lost count of the days and the weeks now, without checking the calendar. This is not to say, life’s been miserable, that’s not what I mean. It’s simply that, staying home (almost) everyday, it’s hard to keep track of the days of the week. But, I’m also happy to say, I haven’t been bored or depressed. So I suppose, that’s a good sign. And in fact, as the title of this blog says, I’ve been keeping busy while staying at home. That is, what I’m sharing with you today, on what I’ve been up to during this period of self-isolation and quarantine.

For reference, up to date, I’ve stayed at home (for the most part, and on most days of the week) since the week of March 16th. So, up until now, it’s been 6 weeks, that is, a month and a half!). What have I done during this time? Well, I won’t lie, quite a lot! I organized a list of things I’ve done so far, and here it is:

Cleaning, Organizing, and Tidying Up:

During the first week to week and half of staying at home, I decided to do a deep clean-up of my apartment. I did this, not because my apartment was dirty or anything, it shouldn’t be, since I do cleaning on a regular basis, and I take pride in my tidiness. But, when I say a deep clean-up, it’s literally a DEEP clean-up. And, not only just cleaning, but also a lot of organizing as well- going through everything I owned thus far, no matter how big or small. I organized and cleaned, every corner of the apartment. I don’t have a big space, but I definitely do have a lot of stuff! The experience? It was quite fun actually, going over everything and especially, I even made some “tough” decisions on what to keep and what to throw away (side note: I’m usually someone that likes to keep things than to throw things away, so some “hard” decisions were made during this process).

Cooking. Every. Single. Day:

This is no joke! I feel like, for the past 6 weeks of staying home, I’ve done more cooking than I EVER did in my entire life. Well, the truth is, I’m the only one responsible for what I eat, (and on making sure I eat a balanced diet), since I live all by myself. One of the things I envy those that have returned home (to their family) or live with a roommate or partner, is that they could probably take turns doing the cooking. But for me, I really have no other option, and no excuses either. Although, I’ll say, it’s been fun. Since I enjoy cooking when I’m able. (If you’re interested, I post my cooking on The Invisible Vision Project Instagram account @theinvisiblevisonproject go check it out!

Connect Virtually with Family and Friends:

Technology has definitely come in handy, especially during thee difficult times. Even though, I live completely alone, I’m fortunate enough that I’m able to connect with family and friends through virtual means. I get to video chat or call from family and relatives most days throughout the week. I also check in with friends, some more often, others, once every few weeks. I make sure to speak or write to different people, so I don’t bother the same person too often, or left others out. So far, I’ve tried my best to reach out to at least most people in my circle.

Attend Virtual Meetings:

One of the things I miss a lot on, other than not able to physically see my family and friends, is community involvement. I miss being an engaged member of community and society, through volunteering, attending meetings and/or events in my community. But, I’m happy to announce, some of these involvements have now moved online, through virtual meetings. So, I’m very happy to stay connected with people this way. After all, community involvement is important to me, because, they give me a huge sense of purpose.

Appreciate Me-Time:

Obviously, even with all the video calls with family and friends, or attending virtual meetings. There’ll be times when I’m alone. And that’s a fact, because I live alone. But, I’ve tried, and for the most part, succeeded in not letting this alone time turns into “a time of loneliness.” I will say, this took some effort and practice. It was hard, especially in the beginning, but it’s much easier now. What did I do to change this mindset? I simply treated alone time as me-time. And, do things I enjoy to pass the time, things like, watch a movie; listen to music; read a book (or listen to audio book); play some video games, etc. These are not only good activities to pass the time quickly, but are also good distractions.

Practice Self-Care:

In addition to appreciate me-time, I also make sure to practice extra self-care. These include, not feeling guilty or bad for having me-time; making sure I’m well groomed; making sure I eat a balanced diet, and not guilty for having some snacks occasionally. Here, I’ll say, initially when this craziness all started, I almost forgot that I need to treat myself to some healthy snacks sometimes, I even forgot to buy snacks, and felt that was “nonessential.” In addition, I occasionally put on outdoor clothes, even when I stay indoors; I also found taking a bath, or do a full face/skin care routine are good self-care tips and have helped me getting through difficult times.

Coping with Loneliness through Music:

I know I’ve already mentioned listening to music, to spend me-time. But, there’s more to it, so, it deserves more say. Music, has been an important part of my life, not just in these trying times, but in my every day life. I truly don’t know what I’ll do, if there’s no music. Because I live alone, therefore, I really don’t have other person to talk to or to interact with, it can be hard sometimes, no matter how positive I try to be. Music, have been an accompany to me, not just when I’m physically alone, but even when I feel emotionally alone. Music has and will continue to be an important part of my life. Very much so, I listen to music based on my mood and feeling, as well as on the time of the day. In addition to just listening to music, I also do recordings and create other music related projects occasionally.

Take Time to Exercise:

To be honest, I’m not a fan of working out. Well…how can I say? I’m kind-of not supposed to do extreme or vigorous exercises, for health reasons. It’d not be safe for me. But, no exercises or movements at all is not good, either. Before all of this staying at home became the new norm, my only source and way of exercise is through walking. I mostly walk to wherever I needed to get to, within a walking distance. But, because I’m mostly staying at home now (and I know, taking a walk around the neighbourhood is still allowed, at least in where I live), but, because I don’t normally take walks. I walk, only when I have to go out, and to get to a destination, it’s a little hard. But, I’ve still managed to do some exercises at home. Even though I don’t have a big space, and I don’t really need one. I’ve been told, I can do exercises as simple as “stationary walk” like, move your legs and arms, but not going anywhere. (Similarly, like when you are riding a stationary bike). And, I also do some other stretches as well. In doing so, I’m avoiding getting into the habit of sitting in a chair or in bed for too long.

So, here we have it. These are the things I’ve been doing for the past month and half of staying at home. And things that have kept me physically and mentally in check and avoid from going insane. I don’t think I’ll need to do another deep cleaning of my apartment anytime soon but, all of the other things, I’ll continue to practice, for however long it’s necessary. I think, it’s safe to say, life won’t go back to normal, at least not the way how it used to be, anytime soon. But, it won’t be like this forever. There’ll be a new normal, however it’ll look like in the near future, in the weeks and months to come. For the time being, stay home, stay safe, we got this!

By: The Invisible Vision Project

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