Hello 2021

Greetings readers,

Welcome back to the blog!

I think we can all agree that 2020 was a really hard year. It’s also safe to say that 2020 was a year none of us could’ve ever imagined having to live through it. But guess what, we did it! We survived it! And what’s more, we can all be glad and be thankful now that we can put that difficult year behind us, and move forward. Because, it’s 2021!

A new year often signifies a new beginning. Even though we’ll likely still be living through some more tough months ahead, but there is finally some light at the end of this dark tunnel. And, since it’s the new beginning, it’s also a time to think and reflect, to set goals and resolutions. Hence, this is what this blog is all about- my goals and resolutions for 2021.

Personally, I decided that I no longer set gigantic and sometimes, unrealistic goals for the far distant future, but instead, I still like to set small, realistic and reasonable goals for the near and immediate future. So, here are my 2021 new year’s goals:

Continue to Focus On and Taking Care of My Health and Body

This is a top priority for me, and it will always be a top priority. After all, health is considered the most important aspect of life, without it, we won’t be able to do a lot of things, and sometimes, anything at all. And besides, I’m already disabled and chronically ill, therefore I need to pay extra attention to my health, even more than the average person does. So, in the new year, I will continue to focus on taking care of myself, because only if I do this well, I can then talk about or think about doing other things in life.

Be More Realistic and Honest About My Needs

This may comes as shocking to some people, but it’s true, I haven’t always been realistic or honest about my needs. Often times, I’d downplay my needs quite well, and that is not very helpful, for myself, and for those around me. Because after all, if I don’t be realistic and honest, and communicate my needs to people, especially when it comes to a time I’ll need their help, they wouldn’t know how to help me. So, in this new year, I’d like to change that, and I’d like to be more realistic and honest, and precise, when talking to people about my needs, and of course, it’s not always an easy thing to do, but I’ll do my best. And just to add that, communication is one thing but, I also need to be smart enough to find the right people I’m getting help from, because it’d be pointless and even foolish of me to seek help from someone that clearly doesn’t have the heart to help me.

Eat Well (**Content Warning: Talking about weight**)

I don’t exactly know when it happened, but one thing for sure is that, I know it happened sometime during the pandemic (since March 2020 and up until now), I (un)intentionally lost some weight. Now, I want to set something straight, when I say (un)intentionally, I meant that I didn’t intend to lose weight in the first place, and I have no reason needing to do that, either, but then again, I sort of know why it happened. It’s likely caused by the stress due to the pandemic, (Because I’m the type of person where I don’t eat when I get super stressed!). But, I also think that, because of the pandemic, I mostly ate and cooked at home all the time, instead of eating out or getting take-out foods. And by eating at home, I ate a relatively more healthy and balanced diet, that could also have contributed to the weight loss. So, since I already lost a bit of weight (un)intentionally, I actually would like to keep it that way now. I don’t want to gain back the weight that’s already lost, and I don’t need or want to lose any more weight, either. I simply want to and hope to stay this way, and keep up with eating a well, healthy and balanced diet, in the best ability I could moving forward.

Making Career-Related Plans for the Near Future

It’s been just a little over a year and a half since I graduated from university. Since then, I’ve been thinking about the next steps, whether that’s going back to school for graduate studies or, looking for a suitable employment (other than the current work and commitments I already have, and very much enjoy doing). Since graduation, I’ve tried and continue to try to find a more “normal” job to do. I know with my disability and chronic illness, that’s not going to be smooth or easy, that’s why I’ve also just been taking my time with that, and it didn’t really matter as much, because my current work has also been keeping me busy already. But I think, with my health the way it is, I’ll likely never be someone that’s completely healthy and able-bodied, so I’ve got to make use of what I have. And, it may also be true that, I may never find work that’s considered “the average nine-to-five jobs.” But nonetheless, I have to say, that the pandemic desrupted a lot of this planning, I think this year, at least at some point this year, it’ll be the year for me to really start making some kind of a decision, and I’m more leaning towards a plan for going back to school. I think that’s a better and more reasonable option for me. Also, if I do end up getting back to school, I’ll likely be in school for some time, that in itself is kind of a good thing, because then, I don’t have to think about “what’s next” for a little longer.

Read More Books

I find that whenever I do set reading goals for myself for the year, in the end, I actually do read more books for that year. So, I’m setting this as a goal for 2021, because I really do want to read more books this year. One thing that surprised me during the pandemic and lockdown is that it didn’t motivate me to read more books, even when I have all the time that there is for me to read. And again, this just goes to show, how stressed the pandemic has caused me, and I’m sure I’m not the only one feeling this way. Just before the second lockdown, I started reading a few books. And, it also made me realize, another reason why I wasn’t so interested in reading, was that there weren’t enough interesting books to read. But now, after having done some searching and digging, I gathered a few book titles on my reading list that I’ll be reading this year. And, if you have any book recommendations, feel free to let me know that as well!

So, this comes to the end of my simple but realistic (and likely achievable) resolutions for 2021. And again, because last year was such a difficult one, I’m really hoping that this year is a better one. And I have faith in that it will be! Do you have any goals or resolutions for this year that you would like to share? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

By: The Invisible Vision Project

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