My Fragrance-Free Journey (Part 2)

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Just a little over a year ago, I wrote a first-ever My Fragrance-Free Journey on this blog. This was a journey I never would’ve thought I’d be embarking on, but alas, due to health reasons, it had to be done. When I first wrote that blog, I still had limited knowledge on fragrance-free products, I was still exploring, and trying out different products and options. After all, that blog was written just a few months of me starting to ‘welcome’ fragrance-free into my life. But today, as I’ve learned a lot more and have also explored more products along the way, I want to share an updated version with you.

In my last fragrance-free journey blog, I divided products into parts, and I’ll do the same for this time as well. So, this blog will consists of fragrance-free products I’ll introduce for the face, hair and body care in one category, and products for cleaning as another category. And, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and because we’ve all been accustomed to washing our hands so very frequently these days, I’ll also be introducing some fragrance-free hand soaps and hand sanitizers I found that’ve been helpful for me and my hands.

Part 1: Products for the Face, Hair, and Body:

Image Description: an image of fragrance-free products I use for the face &body. More detailed descriptions on each product is in the blog.
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In my last blog, I already introduced the brands Marcelle and Clinique, both are so far my favourite in my fragrance-free journey. This time, I’ll introduce more products from this brand to you, one is Marcelle Ultra Gentle Cleansing Gel, in Creamy form. I’ll say, I prefer the Foaming one (introduced in my first blog) much better than this one, but, if you’re looking for a good fragrance-free creamy cleanser, then you could give this a try. In addition, I also highly recommend the Marcelle Night Cream, I introduced their Moisture Cream previously my last blog, and that’s for use during the day, so this night cream is for use at night.

Clinique is a product I used before becoming fragrance-free, and the two products I recommend today, one is already mention in my first blog and that is, Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask. I couldn’t recommend this more enough, because in my opinion, I think this is the best facial mask I’ve ever used! And of course, I discovered another wonderful product by Clinique and happens also to be in the Moisture Surge series, that is their facial spray. This is a great product to use in the summer I think, and I definitely use it more in the summer than in other seasons.

Two other products in the above image are Burt’s Bees Ultra Conditioning lip balm, I highly recommend this lip balm because, (I think and I’m pretty sure I’m right), that this is the only unscented lip balm by Burt’s Bees. And the ingredients in this product are also 100% natural.

Last product is The Green Beaver Company’s Natural Mineral Sunscreen Spray. I think this product is so-so. I’m not that into sunscreen sprays (I didn’t read the product label through when I bought it). It is fragrance-free, and thankfully, it’s not as oily and sticky as other sunscreen sprays (that’s one reason why I don’t like the spray version of sunscreens in the first place).

Image Description: more fragrance-free products for the hair, body and face. More detailed description on each product is in the blog.
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I want to quickly introduce this Aveeno daily moisturizing lotion, because I didn’t realize this one is the generic aveeno fragrance-free body lotion. I also want to point out, I’m really enjoying using their Aveeno skin relief series (introduced in the previous blog), but if you (and self note), can’t find that series, this is another (safe) one you could give it a try.

This is my first time trying a hair product from Attitude, and I really like it. One other fragrance-free shampoo I bought was from my previous blog, it’s called Carina Organics. It’s a good product, but it was a little pricy. So, if you’re looking for a less pricy one, you could give this one a try!

This Evian Facial Spray was a gift to me and I don’t have any particular comment to say other than to tell you, it’s basically spring water on your face. Because it’s given to me, I had to check the ingredients list, and it’s basically water, and it’s fragrance-free. So, if you’re also looking for a facial spray (and if Clinique is a bit too costly, which I agree it is), try this one.

Part 2: Products for Cleaning:

Image Description: two products for cleaning purposes. More detailed descriptions on each product is in the blog.
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I found this Nature Clean dish soap on Amazon by accident and ordered it to try it out. Because during the pandemic, the usual fragrance-free dish soap (from Seventh Generations) I used was quickly out of stock from store shelves. All I can say is that, this is a useful dish soap, works well, and truly fragrance-free.

I introduced a different brand of all purpose wipes by Babyganics last time, that product was and still is a game changer for me to be able to do my cleanings (kitchen and bathroom) safely. This time, I want to introduce a very similar product by Dapple Baby. This product is basically the same as the one from Babyganics, except that it’s $1 or $2 cheaper sometimes. Something to note though, these all purpose wipes are NOT disinfectant wipes! For disinfecting purposes, something like Lysol is still recommended. But unfortunately, those are not fragrance-free.

Part 3: Hand Soap & Hand Sanitizers:

Image Description: an image of a sorted of hand washing products. Detailed descriptions on each product is in the blog.
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Let’s be real, over the past year, and because of the COVI-19 pandemic, I’m sure a lot of us have been washing our hands so very often. With all the “hand washing madness” added into our lives, I want to share with you some fragrance-free hand soaps and hand sanitizers. But before that, I want to say that, at the beginning of the pandemic, there was a time that both hand soaps and hand sanitizers were like “gold” and were so hard to find. Not just the fragrance-free ones, but the scented ones as well, of course I don’t prefer to use those anymore. Anyways, here are the products I discovered and have found ‘peace and comfort’ from using them. For washing my hand, I really like these liquid hand soaps by Ecomax and GreenCricket. During the pandemic, I also discovered handmade soap bars, from local independently owned shops. I started giving a try of these handmade products, both to support our local small business and to explore new fragrance-free products. These are really well made and last a long time, too!

Hand sanitizer became one of the must-haves in our daily lives due to the pandemic, and, it was also one product that was so hard to find during the initial months of the crisis. I managed to find these fragrance-free Purell hand sanitizing wipes, and they are continue to be a hard-find these days, but, there’re fragrance-free or unscented liquid hand sanitizers out there, you just have to read the labels carefully before purchasing. I found these hand sanitizer gel and hand sanitizer wipes by Williams (an American soap brand), in our local pharmacy. These are safe to use for me, and the wipes are convenient to carry them in my backpack. And, the brand Wet Ones also has antibacterial wipes (that are not fragrance-free), but, their sensitive skin hand and face wipes are fragrance-free (but they’re not anti bacterial though, keep a note of that).

So, this concludes my second and an updated version of my fragrance-free journey. I’ve learned a lot throughout this journey and likely will learn more in the future. And as I learn more and discover more products, I’ll share that with you again.

By: The Invisible Vision Project

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