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Change is Difficult, but Necessary: A Life Update

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Greetings readers,

Welcome back to the blog!

I won’t deny, I’ve somehow fallen out of love with blogging. And if I’m honest, I’ve just been really busy as well. Hence, for today’s blog, it’s about time to give a much needed life update! Grab your favourite beverage, and maybe also a snack, then let’s get started!

First thing first, probably the biggest change between the last blog and now is asking and receiving help, or put it more precisely, getting practical help. In case you need a recap, I’m a disabled young adult, living entirely on my own (I wrote a blog already about this, which you could read it here ). The truth is, I actually really enjoy living alone, I like having my own space, and the freedom that comes with it. But, the responsibilities of living alone also meant I must take care of everything on my own- from paying bills, to getting groceries, to cleaning, to doing any other necessary chores or errands. With all of that, and due to a fairly unpredictable health, it’s not always easy or simple, and I’ve been just really struggling with getting things done for quite some time. On top of that, the pandemic definitely exacerbated the situation even more. However, I’m not yet willing to give up on living on my own at this point. So I figured, probably the best solution is to swallow my pride and to go and get help. And now, I’ve been receiving help from an organization that provide home help support, helping me with tasks such as getting groceries, run errands, and even doing some light house-keeping tasks. I receive this help about a coupe of hours a week. This has been a huge step forward for me, and a right one at that. So overall, I feel good about this decision, and the best part of it is that it’s very flexible, and it’s tailored to my needs. Occasionally whenever I can, I still try to go out and do things, but now I know I have a backup, and the help is there when I’m not able to get things done myself.

Another big change that also happened is, I’m saddened to say, I’m now no longer that busy, and very involved volunteer in my community. This has not, and I repeat, it has NOT been an easy or light decision to make, but a necessary one nonetheless. Some of you likely already know this, for the last five years or so, I’ve been a very dedicated and passionate disability and social Justice activist (which I still am), and I also got myself very involved in volunteering in my local community as well. As much as I really enjoy what I do, but sometimes, it all gets too much. So from now on, I’ve decided to put more focus and effort on my own work, with this blog, with my self organized public speaking, and with hopefully creating more regular and frequent social media posts and contents. And if health permits, I will also continue my work collaboratively with other activists. I think this is a good approach, and I welcome any thoughts or suggestions or even questions you may have on this.

As I’ve already mentioned, I’ve been really busy, a big part of this busy has been nonstop medical appointments. Life with a chronic illness or disability doesn’t stop at getting a diagnosis. Managing chronic health conditions is a life long journey. And sometimes, new health concerns come up, when the old ones haven’t even been fully under controlled yet. What’s more, pandemic or not, follow ups still need to happen, and for that, I’m very grateful. Sometimes, even though I’m surrounded by loving and caring friends and family, and a dedicated healthcare team. I still can’t help but to feel alone, knowing too well that I’m truly not alone in this situation. In saying all of that, the main purpose of sharing this life update with you all, is simply to state my current reality, accept this reality, and make the most of it, by doing the best I can.

This next change is probably the most interesting one among all I’ve shared in today’s blog (I plan to write a separate blog on this, so keep your eyes peeled for that), and that is: this blind girl has officially upgraded (or levelled up) her white cane into a bright hot pink cane! Believe me, I’ve wanted a customized white cane ever since I became a white cane user, and now, I finally have one! I’m very happy and pleased with this new cane, and what’s more, I’ve definitely gained a lot of (mostly good and sometime curious) attention from using it (no doubt, a white cane is already a little confusing to the general public sometimes, let alone a pink one).Despite the colour of the cane is pink, I still use it the same way as a traditional white cane, also, the cane is reflective, so it is safe to use even after dark. I can’t wait to take this cane when I go out to see my friends, and to go on small or big adventures with it!

So friends, that’s it for today’s blog. I hope you are doing well, and staying safe! Life is never a straight sailing. And just as the title of today’s blog says: Change is difficult, but necessary. All of it is simply just a part of life!

By: The Invisible Vision Project


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