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I Exercised Consistently for a Year

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Greetings readers,

Welcome back to the blog! And, (a kind of late) Happy New Year!

As some of you know and remember, it was last year around this time, I participated a Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program, under the suggestion of my medical team. The purpose of this program was meant to hopefully restore and maintain my physical strengths, and function. And to improve my quality of life.

As I sit here writing this blog, the first thing I’ll say is this: I’m so glad I did try and completed the program, despite the hardships and tears it caused, especially at the start. I’m happy to know, there is a safe exercise program/plan that’s made just for me and for my body. And, I can even adjust how much or how little exercise I can do each day or week, based on how I feel physically as I wake up in the morning. Just in case you don’t know what I’m talking about here—a chronically ill person’s body which is different from a healthy person, each day, each hour can be different. One moment, I can feel fine, and the next, not so much. So, knowing that I can make minor “changes” on my exercise plan, without feeling guilty, if I can only do less, or, try not overdoing it too much, when I can do a little more than required.

So, you are probably wondering… what’s changed or not changed? Let’s talk about that. The thing that’s definitely not changed is this—I’m not cured of my illness from these or any exercises. As that’s not the point. My exercise plan is a part of my treatment plan, but it is not to treat my illness directly, like medications. As for what’s changed, I feel like, now my exercise plan is no longer a rehab program, it has become a part of my day to day life. And, as a disabled and chronically ill person, I can only do/accomplish so much (or so little) in a day depending on the day. But when I do finish the amount of exercise for the day or the week, I feel accomplished. More importantly, I also feel I have gained some physical strengths and function back, even though my chronic illness still holds me back, and I live with chronic pain and fatigue. I still do feel I got stronger than before.

So… what’s next? Well, I think since I have now made my exercise routine into my everyday life, I should continue as it is. I think this is “easier” if my current life circumstance and style stays this way. I don’t know if and when my life circumstance changes, what would happen then. But I can only hope, that no matter how busy or how tired I get, or whether I am a healthy person or not, I should always try to stick with my exercise plan. Even when it doesn’t directly help with my illness or I don’t see significant improvements. Exercise is crucial to life, no matter how much or how little I can do. So let’s hope, I stick to my own words of advice!

Do you have an exercise plan? Do you stick to it?

By: The Invisible Vision Project



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