5 Must Do’s Preparing Myself for Back To School

Hello Everyone, Welcome to The Invisible Vision Project's Blog. It seemed, I made it just in time to write a blog for the fast approaching back-to-school season. So, as for today, I thought to write about the 5 things I must do in order to prepare myself for going back to my university studies. And, this… Continue reading 5 Must Do’s Preparing Myself for Back To School

Sunshine Blogger Award

Hello Everyone, I hope y'all are doing well! So excited and happy to announce that I've been nominated this Sunshine Blogger Award. Huge thank-you to Laura (Laura Spoonie Blog) for the nomination! The Sunshine Award is given to bloggers (by other bloggers) to recognize their creativity, positivity, and inspiration. That being said, it makes me so happy to know that my readers… Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Award

Guest Blogger Interviews #1

Hello Everyone, Welcome to The Invisible Vision Project's Blog. It is very exciting to announce that The Invisible Vision Project is starting a new Series, it is, the Guest Blog Posts/Interviews series. With the launch of this series, it opens doors for blogger interaction. It gives opportunity for bloggers to learn from and with one another. If you are… Continue reading Guest Blogger Interviews #1

The Disability Misconceptions Tag

Hello Everyone, Today's Blog post is another Tag. This is The Disability Misconceptions Tag, it is created by Nicola Golding, a disabled YouTuber. I was not tagged by anyone to do this tag but, as a very dedicated disability activist as I am, I shall definitely take the time to do this tag. So, without further ado,… Continue reading The Disability Misconceptions Tag