The Disability Misconceptions Tag

Hello Everyone, Today's Blog post is another Tag. This is The Disability Misconceptions Tag, it is created by Nicola Golding, a disabled YouTuber. I was not tagged by anyone to do this tag but, as a very dedicated disability activist as I am, I shall definitely take the time to do this tag. So, without further ado,… Continue reading The Disability Misconceptions Tag

Happy Birthday-The Invisible Vision Project! 

Hello Everyone, Welcome to The Invisible Vision Project’s Blog. In today’s blog, judging by it’s title, I think you’ve already know what this blog is going to be about. That's right! The Invisible Vision Project celebrates its first Birthday today!! (Yay!!) Exactly one year ago today, I started the launch of this disability-based advocacy/ blogging… Continue reading Happy Birthday-The Invisible Vision Project! 

A serious matter on people living with Disabilities

Hello Everyone, Welcome to The Invisible Vison Project's Blog. This blog may be one of the first 'out of the usual' blog. But, as an advocate in the disabled community. I feel the need to address this issue here. I must admit that I was upset when I first read the news, and I became more furious… Continue reading A serious matter on people living with Disabilities